Web Development

What is Web development?

Today, web development encompasses many aspects. Gone are the days when businesses could simply toss together an HTML page with some pretty text, a few images and a contact form.

Oh, and don't forget the flaming torches and MIDI music!

Now, web development can include:

  • Page/user interface
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Content writing
  • Client-side programming
  • Server-side programming
  • Database
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Analytics
  • Server optimization
  • And more!

We are experts in web development. bloogoo has grown with the web for more than 17 years and employs the right people to figure out what is best for your needs. We also work with a great network of professionals that we utilize, as needed.


What is most important?

There are 3 major aspects that are common needs for every web site:

  • Findability
  • Load-ability
  • Usability

Every site boils down to those simple needs. And do you know which is most important?

All of them.

If no one can find your site then they cannot use it, if your site doesn't load effectively then they cannot use it and if they can find it and load it, but not use it, then what good is it?


Launching a web site is like opening an office or a store location in the middle of nowhere. No one knows it's there and no one is likely to just drive by. People must be able to find your site. Part of that is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, that is not as simple as submitting your site to the major search engines and calling it a day. Proper SEO is almost equal parts science and art (really, it's just science, but with the constant changes made in algorithms by the search engines, it can seem like art; or magic). Starting with effectively written content, moving through well-coded HTML and ending with fast-loading pages and constant monitoring of analytics, SEO is an ongoing effort; it's not simply done when the site is launched and then forgotten.

It takes true professionals to properly optimize your site.


Of course, if you have the most effectively designed and developed web site ever to exist and either it doesn't load, due to server issues, or loads slowly, then all other efforts are for naught.

According to research done by Google, if your site loads in more than 3 seconds you lose 53% of your visitors. They just leave. And they don't come back. You are losing half of your customers!

Google even uses the speed at which your site loads as a ranking metric to determine where in search results your site will appear.

Our goal is for every page on a site we develop to load in less than 1 second.


Well, they found your site, it loads just fine, but what if the user cannot figure out what to do next?

Let's be honest: Your web site has ONE primary purpose ... To get the person viewing it to spend money with your business. It's really just that simple.

A lot of research has been done to determine effective uses of shapes, colors, language, etc. and you can benefit from this research that much larger companies have spent many millions of dollars conducting.

Believe it or not, we sit around in our free time reading white papers about this stuff. It is just part of what we do to make sure that we can advise you properly when it comes to your online presence.

Your business is truly important to us.