Software Development

What is Software development?

We differentiate software development from web development primarily based on the delivery method. Software development involves standalone applications that are run on any sort of device - even if that software relies on connection to a remote database. Web development, while involving much of the same development as software, is an application that is delivered via a web server to a client web browser. Yes, any web site is technically an application.


Why software development?

There has been a blurring of the lines between standalone software application development and web application development in recent years. In fact, we use the same development tools for both.

The programming code that is used to perform the core functions of the applications is the same since we develop using Microsoft's .NET Framework. The only thing that differs is the interface. This allows us to move seamlessly between different types of applications as well as to create mixed versions of applications that utilize both standalone software interfaces as well as web interfaces. In fact, we have quickly and easily migrated to the web older applications we developed for our clients.

More and more applications are being migrated to the web as the need grows for remote access of previously internal functionality. However, there are still times that a standalone software application is preferable, including apps for devices like phones and smart TVs.

We have the capability to help you decide what type of application will work best for you and work with you to develop the solution that exactly fits your needs.

We never put our customers in boxes. We prefer to think that there is no box.