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Why choose for your Software Development needs?

In today's business environment, there are companies that can buy 'off-the-shelf' software programs and there are those that have in-house programmers on staff. However, the vast majority of businesses are those that fall in the middle — off-the-shelf is not enough, but maintaining a full-time programmer is not feasible.

These are the people we work with every day.

Whether you are in a specialized industry where tailored applications may be available — for a significant price — or you need an application custom fit to your particular needs, we can help.

You may find a specialized software application that is already available is a close fit; we can generally develop an application that is an EXACT fit for you for about the same price.

How can we do this? Simple; we maintain very low operating costs. We also have streamlined the development process to make the most efficient use of our time. Take, for example, the planning stage of the development process: the LAST 5% of the planning takes 90% of the time. Therefore, it is often most efficient to do 95% of the planning up front and then complete the remaining 5% during the initial phases of actual development. Otherwise, a project that we can complete in 3 months becomes a one year project with another company (with costs to match)!

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Our Specialties

.NET (VB & C#) · Visual Basic (including VBA and VBScript)

Java · C++ · SQL (Database Design, Stored Procedures, etc.)