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Who is BlooGoo?

BlooGoo is the realization of a dream by its founder, Brian Rossignol.

Never content with mediocrity, he has consistently sought out the best people and the best technologies in the industry — and then made them better.

BlooGoo prides itself on never being limited by ‘what's been done before’ and rather than just pushing the boundaries, BlooGoo is constantly raising the bar with the firm belief that THERE ARE NO BOUNDARIES.

By focusing on what is best for YOUR customers, BlooGoo can suggest the best course of action and then work together with you to fine-tune and implement the solution.

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BlooGoo.com, Incorporated
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Meet the founder of BlooGoo.com:
Brian Rossignol, CEO and Chairman

Photo of Brian Rossignol, CEO and Chairman, BlooGoo.com, Inc. Software Development Company In 1984, I was 15 years old and was given my first computer as a gift. An Atari 1600XL with 16KB of RAM and an external tape drive which used standard audio cassettes. I sat for hours on end learning BASIC and writing simple programs and even began writing a game which included a fully drawn outline of the United States which literally had to be drawn point-by-point programmatically.

Thereafter, I always tried to have the latest and greatest technology. I got a Commodore 64 as soon as they were available and paired TWO external 5.25" floppy disk drives with it. I was the hit on the block because I could copy disks without having to read one first, then put the blank one in after! Around the same time, I also got a Tandy TRS-80 which had 256KB of RAM and a built-in monitor and two disk drives which meant I could run MS-DOS as an operating system and not have to remove its disk in order to load and save programs or files. I moved on to a 300 baud acoustic modem for my first foray into inter-computer communications.

All the while, I was writing programs purely for fun. Then, in 1987, during my senior year in high school, I was actually hired by a real estate company to write an accounting program. At that time, there were not many software companies as compared to today. So, when that company went looking for a software program, they simply could not find exactly what they needed. Now I was actually getting paid to do what I truly enjoyed doing!

After high school, I worked in the corporate world for a while. Finally, in 1996, while working for MCI, I decided I could no longer work for anyone else and I struck out on my own and started my first company: Wizard Systems. This company did not specialize in software development, but rather in general computer technology which meant that software was only a small facet. We dabbled in hardware and networking and even opened retail computer stores called Computer Solutions.

Finally, with the incarnation of BlooGoo.com, I can focus purely on software. I believe that technology is the key to businesses being more productive and profitable. But, what I have found is that the vast majority of businesses have not even scratched the surface of the potential that today’s technologies hold; and those that have embraced the technology, generally are not taking full advantage, or are not utilizing it properly.

My hope is that, through working with companies, I can help them to achieve far greater successes by utilizing computer technologies than they could possibly have achieved otherwise.